A Solid Horse-Breeding Program

It’s all about potential. Have the power to choose a healthy horse with the sound breeding program at Rocky Ridge Stables LLC. With our prized harness stallions and broodmares, you’re assured of a foal that has a solid bloodline.

A Variety To Choose From

After choosing a stallion, you’ll also have 35 broodmares to consider. Whether you’re looking for a purebred or a crossbred horse, we can help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Proven Harness Stallions

A quality foal prospect can only come from a proven sire. For your peace of mind, our harness stallions are known for their pedigree, conformation, health, and character.

Breeding For A Variety Of Purposes

  • Show horses
  • Road horses
  • Buggy horses
  • Race horses